Sound piece
April 8, 2013
16 minutes, 46 seconds
Unchained: The Art of the Bicycle, an exhibit at Artworks in Trenton, N.J. curated by Wills Kinsley, reminds me of the parable of the blind men and the elephant. Depending on what sensory experience or physical aspect of bikes and cycling culture moves you, and what you choose as your creative inspiration, the animal you envision and the work of art you create is nearly endlessly variable. This even as it draws upon that one object, the bicycle, and one act, the act of cycling. The Unchained show is a wondrous mix, illustrating this point.
For this diverse and deep show, I chose to make a sound piece: Ride from my house to Artworks. Riding a bicycle, particularly in the city, is truly an exercise in mindfulness, of heightened awareness. A balance of experiencing your environment in the moment, steering through it alertly yet meditatively. When it’s over it’s over, forgotten, as you move into other realms of awareness. I like the idea of recording for posterity the forgotten sound of one ride in time.